The Lady Bartender
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Hi Friends, 

It's me, The Lady Bartender and boy do I love cocktails! My cocktail journey has been quite a progression. I started, as one does, at home, researching classics, buying obscure bottles and then experimenting with tinctures and infusions. That sufficed for a while until one day mom asked if I wanted to open our own place. What we had envisioned was like the old saloons of the Wild West, half mercantile that sold dry goods, half watering hole to support a neighborhood community. 

One of the scariest yet most fulfilling things I've done was to open that bar with no bar experience. I was graced with a short handful of afternoons under the watchful eye of an industry veteran and then set loose. Being thrown into the fire meant that I had to lean heavily on instinct and innovation in my cocktail creating. I quickly developed a system of learning classic cocktail proportions that could be manipulated to build endless combinations of custom cocktails. 

By the end of our first year I was creating curriculum and teaching mixology workshops in our bar's basement. What they say is true, you do learn by teaching. For the past five years I've offered classes in Mixology Basics, Creating Signature Cocktails & Using and Making Bitters and Tinctures.

My focus now is in using the art of mixing drinks to tell a story. To find motivation in a person from history, in recalling a place - it's smell and texture, in a piece of art or simply an emotion is a never ending source of inspiration. It is my hope that you'll find some of that inspiration here too and be emboldened to create your own masterpieces (or call on me for a little help). Happy making,